Episode Recap City Festivals Ep 91

There are rumblings of whether or not the game of Destiny is a Post-Apocalyptic advanced civilization version of our own world. One of the supporting examples of this is the various city festivals. Are we experiencing an in game version of Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and even Christmas? Or is there an in game reason that we have a Festival of the Lost, Crimson Days, and the Dawning? Our guide to this is Eva Levante and it is with her we learn a little more about the history of the people under the traveler. It is with her we learn about our City Festivals.


p style=”text-align:center;”>Eva Levante
– Eva is a much more important to our cultural understanding of the history of the citizens around the Traveler. She reminds us that traditions are not just a ritual that we go through the motions of but also are a way to connect to those before us and how our success is built off of those people. Eva makes various NPC’s in the tower step back and ground again about what they are fighting for. She even get’s Eris to participate in helping her decorate for the Dawning for goodness sake!

The Festival of the Lost

  •  The Festival of the Lost is in short a Halloween style of Festival. Other holidays that are similar is the Day of the Dead and Samhain. During the Festival of the Lost we have experienced a variety of different fun trick or treating type of event. The primary purpose of the event is to remember those who died before us and honor them. We spent time discussing our favorite mask and moments from both the 2015 and 2016 Festival.

The Dawning

In the Dawning we learn about some of the hardships that various family’s had to encounter on their trek to the Traveler. In one card Eva describes to Eris Morn that to keep a bit of light or hope in the darkness is something that can bolster guardians as well as citizens. Eva is so passionate about the traditions she spent a week convincing Ikora to create the Dawning Crystal (the giant beautiful crystal in the center of the courtyard in the tower).

Crimson Days

Crimson Day’s was the smallest of the various events. In the card for C.D. we hear a story about 2 guardians who start out as rivals and through a impossible situation that they survived only by working together. The final lines of this card mentions that those listening didn’t think it was a story involving the Cabal, as suggested in the story, but possibly the Hive or Vex. This suggest that the legend behind the pair is more important than the actual story. As Justin read this card both Blue and I (Grn) came to the same conclusion, although it isn’t supported, we both want the Hunter and Warlock from the card to be the same couple that made the Ahamkara bet prior. Romantic, simple, yes please.

If you would like to hear more about these various Festivals be sure to listen to the latest episode. At the end of the episode there was a revealing of beta code giveaway and an announcement of a future giveaway when we hit episode 100 for the Lore Chat, estimated date is near the release of D2.

Until next time Guardians. Grn

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