The Grind: The Singer

  • Vanguard transmat zone, ocean of storms, Luna*
    Plutus landed on Luna just as Sol’s light broke the horizon in the ocean of storms. He checked his motion tracker as his ghost scanned the area in front of him.
    “Well?” The warlock inquired, his voice gruff. The ghost turned to him, the blue light in its core blinking wildly with excitement.
    “It’s here!”.
    With that a sparrow materialized and all that was left in the transmat zone was the light of Plutus’ afterburners.

the temple of crota

Plutus fought through the hordes of thrall and acolytes down into the temple, the occasional knight almost making him break a sweat.
The air full of rounds from his scout rifle and hurled axiom bolts, Plutus finally made his way to the chamber designated on his radar.
As he crossed the threshold the silence broke into a song of terror as dozens of thrall screeched, a wizard let loose a cry behind them.
The hair on Plutus’ arm stood up. The air here was off, the void spoke to him. What was ahead was death. The killing word was present, he could feel the song pressing down on his light. He had to end this quickly.
“I don’t know about this Plutus, I’ve never seen hive arcana of this nature before” The ghost said quietly, sounding very worried. Plutus shook his head as he launched up to cast the nova bomb into the murder of thrall that were careening towards his position. He drew from the void, compacting as much energy as he could at the point in the center of his palm before releasing it with the force of a dying sun. The thrall were unmade. As he cleaned up the one or two that had escaped the blast he answered the ghost

” it was in the journal remember, it is the killing word. This is a deathsinger.” the warlock explained. despite the lack of the need to breathe, the ghost gasped audibly.

“Don’t worry, it takes time to cast, I’ll end it before she sings the final verse.” Plutus assured the ghost as he sprinted towards the monster with hades’ voice. As he moved into position, dodging arc bolts flying from the things fingertips however he heard a deafening sound, almost nails on a chalkboard. From behind this mother came her champion, an ascendant knight, sword drawn and charging.
Plutus didn’t think, he only reacted, drawing out his first prize, the one that set him on this journey to collect these weapons of legend. Pocket Infinity.
The Thing was on him now, made of chitin and smelling of the dead, it’s sword falling upon Plutus.
Every nerve in his body came to life, agony screaming from them. Not from the sword fall however. Plutus had pulled him self through the In-between. Now standing on the other side of the knight he compressed the trigger as fusion bolts fired in full auto disolving the dark champion.
The weight of the air now was that of heavy stones, the song almost complete. He had one chance, once more he called upon the void closing in on the black siren. The bomb went off, blinding him, bringing him to his knees. As he looked up, there she hovered, bloody, but still singing. If the hive could smile…
Plutus felt a tug now deep within him as he leveled his rifle. One round, she shattered and the cacophony ceased. The weight lifted from the air.
Plutus kneeled, pain radiating from every inch of his body, but very much alive.

Plutus stood, walking towards the back wall where three runes gave off a faint green glow.
“Never again !” The ghost piped up “that was way too close!”
Plutus gave a half hearted chuckle
“We will see old friend, you know I enjoy the suspense”
The ghost scoffed “out of all the dead I came across, I revived the adrenaline junkie”
“You love it, even if you can’t admit it” Plutus rebutted smiling, now recording the design of the runes.
“I do N-…” the ghost fell silent as the sound of a hammer being cock echoed through the empty chamber behind them. This was no hive weapon, he knew that sound, a vanguard handcannon.
Plutus spun on his heels, pocket infinity aimed at the new arrivals.

There were two, a warlock in vanguard armor with his pulse rifle not aimed at Plutus but at the ready.
He knew this warlock. Damol, a warlock who had come to him before this venture and tried to warn him away from it.
The other a large titan in red jaxx armor, a hand canon aimed at Plutus’ skull.
Their class gear both bore the same symbol, a set of scales with fire arms layed across each side.
They were members of the Order of Balance. The order had formed shortly after Osiris’ exile and Toland ‘s antics. They were devoted to stopping guardians who were seeking power outside of that the vanguard or Traveler already granted.

“Drop the weapon Warlock!” The titan yelled across the chamber, his voice gravel, echoing from the high ceiling.
” you’re out numbered, and were warned against this venture!”
At that damol averted his gaze.
Under his helmet Plutus cracked a smile. Contingency was always a necessity.
” I will not. I will also not move against you. You are guardians of the city, the same city I am trying to save!” Plutus yelled back across the dark chamber.
” You sound just like him!” Damol spoke up now ” don’t you see, just like Toland. I understand you think you are doing this for the greater good, however It always leads to death. Look at what happened to Eris’ fire team at that monster’s hands!”

Plutus nodded slowly.
“He was a monster!” He answered, now adressing Damol specifically, ” I am not as easily swayed by the darkness!”
Damol slowly shook his head, “pride comes before the fall friend. You are not above Toland, the same can happen to you. Just drop your weapon and relinquish the information you gathered here so it may be destroyed. We can put this behind us”
“No.” Plutus answered simply.
“That’s not happening, see its ironic you speak on Eris Morn ‘ s fireteam. Eris helped me find this place. In return I promised she could monitor my telemetry and record anything I come across for her research. She is watching all of this.”
The Titan faltered for second before leveling his hand canon once more
“Then she will monitor your death if you do not relinquish the information!” The Titan shouted back. Damol shifted uncomfortably at this, placing a hand on the Titan ‘s shoulder.
“Gremsly, think this through” Damol said softly ” We aren’t sanctioned by the Vanguard, or the Consensus. If we kill him then it is murder, they will exile the entire order.”
The Titan named Gremsly tilted his head quizzically at this.
“Only if the Vanguard finds out. Why would they need to know! This is about justice, and the prevention of repeated mistakes!” Gremsly spouted off, almost as if reading from a que card. “Eris of all people should understand that”

Damol shook his head, and at this Plutus rejoined the conversation the air once again thick, only this time with tension.

“I’m an asset to Eris. She cares about revenge. She cares about the annihilation of the hive. She is also very close to Ikora Rey!” Plutus responded “that being said do what you must Titan”

Gremsly seemed to consider, obviously becoming frustrated as his hand canon shook a bit before it was holstered. At this Plutus placed his own weapon on the magnetic pad on his back, relieved his bluff had worked.

“We will be watching you warlock!” The titan spat, voice full of malice before turning and sprinting back towards the entrance to the chamber. Damol stopped for a second,seeming to consider Plutus, before following.

“Great” The ghost piped up now floating at Plutus’ shoulder.”We have drawn the attention of the Order of Balance”
Plutus nodded in a distracted manner, looking around this chamber of bone and ichor.
“That we have, we will have to tread lightly from now on.” Plutus answered, remembering a rumor of a raid on the shadows of Yor that had cut their numbers in half. Only one opposing guardian dead, his cloak bearing the symbol of a set of scales comparing firearms.

“We will just have to stay one step ahead of them from now on” Plutus said with a sense of finality.
“Then what is our next move?” The ghost inquired.
” We have a meeting in the city” Plutus answered simply as he headed towards the entrance to this chamber of horrors
“With Bansee”

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