All of Zavala’s Written Quotes from the API in Destiny 1

Commander Zavala, leader of the Vanguard council, appears as a no nonsense character. Those people who are willing to dive into the lore a little deeper will start to see cracks in that cool exterior. Below is the list of quotes from Zavala that were mined from the API. Enjoy!

  • “Some Guardians spend hours in the shops of the City, finding the perfect pigments and plastics to customize their gear. I only have one requirement for armor: strength.” – Zavala

  • “I almost—almost—pity the Darkness. So much effort to reach us. Entire races of creatures consumed with a hunger for the Light, or deployed many light-years from their homes. All here, at our doorstep, waiting to tear down what we have built.

  • “They will fail. And we will make them pay for trying.” —Zavala

  • “The vigilance of the Guardians holds the Darkness at bay.” —Commander Zavala.

  • “This is the first I’ve heard from the Sunbreakers in years. They were an ancient order of Titans, bearers of the Hammer of Sol—unstoppable, vigilant. I want you to make contact.” —Commander Zavala

  • “There is no Cabal word for ‘retreat.’ Stand fast against them, or perish in their wake.” —Commander Zavala

  • “Your Light is what makes you a Guardian. Embrace that.” —Zavala

  • “Defenders train to personify both sword and shield at once.” —Commander Zavala

  • “Titan, you are a legend. You are the shield behind which the City stands tall. You have proven yourself. The dream of the City is your dream, her people your people. I consider the Vanguard lucky to have you on the front lines.” —Zavala

  • “I speak often of the power of the City as a symbol. But never forget, it is a real place. The home to living, breathing people. A home that would not exist without your efforts. Down below us stretches the last free city on Earth. And it is here because of your strength, your deeds. Do not forget this, Guardian. It is why we are here.” —Zavala

  • “Guardians have done many great things in service to the Light. Our next challenges will be even greater.” — Commander Zavala

  • “There are times when the direct option is best.” —Commander Zavala

  • “It’s not difficult to be efficient when you’re working together.” —Zavala

  • “Bladedancers lack the Striker’s strength, but even a Striker must admit the Bladedancers move at a velocity Strikers can only hope to match.” —Commander Zavala

  • “The name of the Abbadon’s creator has been lost to memory. Yours will be remembered.” —Zavala

  • “It is true that finding a Hunter representative to the Vanguard has always been … difficult. Their independent point of view is not something we can survive without, though. And so over the years we’ve had Hunter mentors come and go. That is, of course, what the Dare is for.” – Zavala

  • “Oryx’s gate network appears infinitely deep, drawing from an infinite battalion of soldiers. A day will come when we destroy it. Until then, we fight whatever emerges.” —Commander Zavala

  • “It’s not difficult to be efficient when you’re working together.” —Zavala

  • “When a Striker turns her entire body into a projectile, no one is truly safe.” —Commander Zavala

  • “Victory is good. Absolute victory dissolves morale and ensures the enemy is defeated in future encounters, as well.” —Commander Zavala

  • “Now you’ve seen what we’re up against. We don’t like to tell Guardians newly reborn just how bad it is out there. But you are ready for it. You’re strong, prepared. You’ve done so much, and you can do so much more.” —Zavala

  • “Light can protect a Guardian as a barrier, help a Guardian leap to safety, or— most efficiently—destroy a room full of hostiles outright.” —Zavala

  • “The only way to push the Darkness back is by establishing footholds. The Crucible is practice.” —Commander Zavala

  • “You carry the dream of the City with you, Titan. As you step back into the wilds, always remember those of us behind the Walls. We count on the strength of your shoulders. We’re counting on you.” —Zavala

  • “Cabal officers don’t lead from the rear. You’ll find they are among the fiercest fighters in the Empire’s ranks.” —Commander Zavala

  • “We are never stronger than when we stand side-by-side in battle.” —Zavala

  • “We managed to land a few Guardians on Phobos since your first mission, but none have managed to fully explore the base. The Taken there seem to have re-armed some of the Cabal defenses. Be cautious.” – Zavala

  • “The Walls hold because of a joint effort, not because of any one Guardian.” —Commander Zavala

  • “You have survived the dangers of the Hive, the Fallen. You should be proud. But do not become arrogant. There are plenty of shadows in the system, plenty of places for the enemy to hide.” —Zavala

  • “If a Guardian must overextend to achieve victory, can he truly call it a victory?” —Commander Zavala

  • “Sometimes a blunt response is necessary.” —Zavala

  • “The tradition of challenging Warlocks in this manner dates back to the founding of the City. Each discipline within the Vanguard carries its own motivational particulars. Reminding Warlocks that there are others in the world, that they are a part of a team…key information.” —Zavala

  • “The purpose of the match is to refine Sparks and Rifts as weapons. To detonate a weaponized Rift in enemy territory would annihilate most fortifications—with the Runner unscathed.” —Commander Zavala

  • “The House of Wolves and the Awoken tore the Reef apart trying to get a tactical advantage. All the while, we were desperately trying to hold the Walls against the Devils, Kings, and Winter. It was one of the darkest chapters in the City’s history.” —Zavala

  • “Solar Light. Powerful against Cabal personal shields. And Hive Wizards despise it.” —Commander Zavala

  • “The only way to defeat the speed of a Blink Strike is to stop it from occurring.” —Commander Zavala

  • “It’s difficult to defend against a burning fist at close range. Sunbreakers revel in this fact.” —Commander Zavala

  • “We walked to the end of the world and beyond.” —Zavala

  • “There must be someone strong enough to bear the weight of decisions.” —Zavala

  • “A vigilant Guardian comes back from death. An elite Guardian refuses to die.” —Zavala

  • “Every weapon type in the Guardian arsenal has a use. Get familiar with them.” —Zavala

  • “The Crucible is a training ground, preparing Guardians for war against the Darkness. But it hosts a battle fought in parallel—a political one between the City’s Factions carried out by Guardians they recruit. Shaxx has attempted to curb their influences, but they’re a reminder the Vanguard serves a City of many agendas.” —Commander Zavala

  • “However dark or cold, the heart stays warm.” —Zavala

  • “They don’t fail.” – Commander Zavala, in an emergency session of the City Consensus

  • “Fighting your enemy helps you understand your enemy. Don’t get distracted.” —Zavala

  • “Lord Shaxx would envy you.” —Zavala

  • “A Guardian can’t ask for a more reliable ally than an Auto Rifle. Keep it steady and it’ll always bring you home.” —Commander Zavala

  • “We know next to nothing about Cabal control structures above the system level. Perhaps in disabling this signal, and ending the legion’s communication beyond the system, we’ll learn something.” —Zavala

  • “Create Light for others and you create it for yourself. Embrace this cycle, and together we’ll push the Darkness back.” —Commander Zavala

  • “Know your weapon. It’s an ally, much like your Light.” —Zavala

  • “Close quarters combat is an essential addition to any Guardian’s skillset.” —Zavala

  • “The forces of Darkness are still out there. The ideal tactic to keep them from the City is to distract them, give them something to fear. Eliminating their leadership should work well.” —Commander Zavala

  • “Before you leave the Walls, we need you in fighting form. Your gun is an antique. Go requisition a new one from the gunsmith, Banshee-44. He’s an odd one, but reliable.” —Zavala

  • “Keep fighting, Guardian. Every battle is a lesson.” —Zavala

  • “There are Golden Age vaults hidden everywhere, surrounded by our enemies. We must master extraction under fire to access the treasures within.” —Commander Zavala

  • “Some weapons are more difficult to master than others. But their strengths cannot be overlooked.” —Zavala

  • “The Devil Splicers have utilized SIVA to bring Taniks back to life. He must have been more machine than Fallen.”—Zavala

  • “The Skyburners were under the command of Primus Ta’aun until Oryx took him. Our records say Ta’aun was bound in the shield rite to his “brothers”: Valus Tlu’urn and Valus Mau’ual. Perhaps we can use this to our advantage.” – Zavala

  • “There is wisdom in forcing the enemy to come to you.” —Commander Zavala

  • “A perfect Guardian is difficult to come by. A fireteam of perfect Guardians is almost an impossibility. Well done.” —Zavala

  • “It’s the small-scale battles that are fiercest.” —Commander Zavala

  • “Your training is progressing nicely, Guardian. The call of the Striker is a difficult one, putting us on the front lines of a skirmish. Your heavy fist will turn the tide in many battles to come.” —Zavala

  • “Every time we slay an enemy of the City, a new one emerges. Or an old one returns. Come what may, the Guardians will be ready.” —Zavala

  • “Knowing the best time and range to utilize specialized weaponry is the key to success in the Crucible. And the battlefield.” —Commander Zavala

  • “A charging Striker presents her opponent two options: move, or be moved.” —Commander Zavala

  • “There may come a time when I task Guardians to once again hold the Walls. Best to practice now.” —Commander Zavala

  • “The Vanguard rewards professionalism. Good hunting, Guardian.” —Zavala

  • “Show me what you can do.” —Zavala

  • “The Light of the Sunbreakers has never been seen within the Walls. Wield it well.” —Commander Zavala

  • “The enemy won’t wait for you to be ready. To excel, you’ll need sheer force of will.” —Zavala

  • “Guardians were never meant to fight the Darkness alone. Why should that change in the Crucible?” —Commander Zavala

  • “Once Taken, they are already dead. Their bodies just do not know it, yet. You are doing them a favor.” – Zavala

  • “The butcher of Isidis Planitia. A war criminal under the Cabal. A nightmare under Oryx.” —Zavala

  • “I’ve learned to check every corner in a battle with Gunslingers. They enjoy leaving undesirable gifts.” —Commander Zavala

  • “Guardians often criticize Lord Shaxx for the grueling battle conditions in the Crucible, from live weaponry to hazardous arenas. But when matches begin, these same Guardians step up, hoping the experience will harden them against the Darkness.” —Commander Zavala

  • “The dream of the City. Its Walls keep it together. Its spears—the Strikers—are what keep it alive.” —Zavala

  • “When I told the Speaker of what you had done, he was quiet for a moment. Then he said, ‘A great shadow has been lifted from our realm.’ I believe that to be his way of saying he is proud of all you have accomplished.” – Zavala

  • “Our enemies will never stop fighting us. Patrols are a direct response and constant reminder to the Darkness that we won’t, either.” —Commander Zavala

  • “The Wall. It keeps the dream of the City intact. On the battlefield, the Defender is the Wall. And her allies stand behind her.” —Zavala

  • “There is no doctrine but defense. If the City is to stand, every response must be measured. Every attack calculated. Every body block followed by a devastating finale. If the City is to survive, it must be unquestioned. The Walls must stand. No matter the cost.” —Zavala

  • “Let your weapons speak as one.” —Zavala

  • “A competent Fireteam attacks as one.” —Commander Zavala

  • “We only have a rough idea of where the Blight on Mars originates. Whatever its source, it is particularly tenacious. The Taken on Mars act with one terrible cunning, one will. And they know what they want.” – Zavala

  • “The weight of the Hammer of Sol in your hand betrays the tremendous impact it makes when it strikes.” —Commander Zavala

  • “The signal from Phobos is incredibly powerful. It might be a distress call. But then, we’ve never heard the Cabal send out a distress call before. Approach the base with caution, Guardian.” —Zavala

  • “The Silent Fang? Yes. Yes, I remember them. The Fang made a number of attacks against the City during the days of the Reef Wars. They’d take to terror tactics, slipping invisibly through with cargo and going on a rampage in a crowded residential area.” —Zavala

  • “Reap what rewards you can from their coffers, but know that I have my eye on Osiris’s disciples.” —Commander Zavala

  • “The Cabal have a word for a pair of Guardians. It’s the same as their word for ‘overwhelming force.’ ” —Commander Zavala

  • “Our enemies grant no mercy, kill without doubt. We must meet them in kind—without becoming them.” —Commander Zavala

  • “We’re looking for the elite. Rewards will go to the fastest and most efficient Strike participants. We may not clear the entire system of hostiles, but it won’t be from lack of trying.” —Zavala

  • “Strikes are the backbone of the Vanguard’s response to the Darkness. Each mission is planned for maximum disruption and hindrance of enemy lines. Your Strike service directly impacts our ongoing war with the Darkness. So serve well.” —Commander Zavala

  • “The great generals and tacticians of the past have much to teach us.” —Commander Zavala

  • “Your weapons must become extensions of yourself.” —Zavala

  • “I need a Guardian for all seasons.” —Zavala

  • Today we celebrate the rise of a new Titan – and you have already given the Fallen cause to mourn. An excellent start. When you have your bearings, see me in the Hall of Guardians. -Commander Zavala

  • “Sunbreakers left unchecked are like fire itself. Fierce. All-consuming.” —Commander Zavala

  • “All disciplines, all Guardians, undergo challenges of this nature. I feel it’s necessary to remind the Hunters and Warlocks of why they are such an important part of the City’s defense. For Titans, this is just another day on the Wall.” —Zavala

  • “All disciplines, all Guardians, undergo challenges of this nature. I feel it’s necessary to remind the Hunters and Warlocks of why they are such an important part of the City’s defense. For Titans, this is just another day on the Wall.” —Zavala

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