All of Ikora Rey’s Quotes from the API in Destiny 1

Ikora Rey, the sassy and deadly warlock Vanguard, has some of the most practical quotes as well as the biggest burns in the game. Below is the complete list of Destiny 1 Quotes pulled from the API. Enjoy

  • “I joke with Cayde and Zavala about it all the time, but it’s just one more way Warlocks are superior: our robes look *good*.” – Ikora

  • “I spoke today with a new Warlock. They had heard of you, and asked me to tell your tale. I did so, and as I did their eyes grew larger and larger. Guardian, the truth of your legend was more than this fresh Warlock could hear. If they come to you, be gentle. This life offers too many harsh and cruel lessons as is.” —Ikora Rey

  • “The unbridled fury of the Stormtrance contrasts with the control that the Stormcaller exercises as she pulls down the sky.” —Ikora Rey

  • “The Vex are practical, focused. They store energy in all its forms. The Conductive Mind contains a powerful Arc source. Seek out this construct, destroy it, and claim the source as your own.” – Ikora

  • “The Taken are powerful, but fall like any foe. You’ve shown this, with the death of Oryx. Now show them we won’t relent until we’ve defeated them utterly.” —Ikora Rey

  • “There was a campaign to call it Lysander’s Folly, but I don’t want people even remembering his name.” —Ikora Rey

  • “A Sunsinger’s palm strike? It’s a prime example of absolute power born from minimal force. The Light does the work.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Warlock, your legend grows strong. You are a beacon of Light in the Darkness, a spark keeping the terrors at bay. We are fortunate to have you in our circle.” —Ikora Rey

  • “The shining Light of another can prove inspiring to a Guardian.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Thralls beyond number are gathering between the stars. Vast armies of Cabal plan to break our Walls. Our enemies share one advantage over us: numbers. The Vanguard is a Light in the Darkness. And our Light makes us a target. And we must be ready for what comes for us.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Don’t want to get rusty now, do we?” —Ikora Rey

  • “The Vex of Mars seek out Arc energy storms that race across the planet. Find a storm. Meditate. Observe the lightning’s flow. And master it.” —Ikora

  • “Our enemies are legion. Do not face them alone.” —Ikora Rey

  • “And so the circle closes with the Sunbreaker. All Guardians now wield Solar Light. And still we agree on nothing. The more things change….” —Ikora Rey

  • “The Titans decry the Voidwalkers of our use of Light. Vampiric and grotesque, they call us. But how do they think their Disintegration barriers form? What do they think happens to their atomized victims? Titans can be so amusing.” —Ikora Rey

  • “There’s nothing more conspicuous than a Gunslinger alone and out in the open. Sometimes their gaze gives away a lurking Tripmine, sometimes not. A Warlock can never be too careful.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Like a Stormcaller’s lightning, these rifles need guidance. Groups of bullets leap like bolts at your target. Keep a steady hand.” —Ikora Rey

  • “The Stormcaller commands Arc lightning as if the sky becomes wholly theirs for a finite time.” —Ikora Rey

  • “A Stormcaller is the eye of her storm. Her lightning reaches out to everything else in front of her.” —Ikora Rey

  • “How was Oryx able to sustain so many warriors? Is the Court drawing from an immense planet somewhere beyond our solar system? Another plane of existence?” —Ikora Rey

  • “A Sunsinger basking in the wake of Radiance has Light enough for his enemies, their friends, and the friends of their friends.” —Ikora Rey

  • “In a competition of Fireteam against Fireteam, it’s often coordination between individuals that’s the deciding factor.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Only the oldest tomes mention it, and then only in riddles: a pact so ancient that even the Hive themselves have forgotten it. Yes, I am familiar, Eris. But why do you mention it? Do you believe these fragments of yours are connected?” —Ikora Rey

  • “A hallmark of Stormcaller technique is the ability to project and redirect Arc energy. They can always find one more bolt of lightning to throw.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Sometimes sheer tenacity is the path to victory in the Crucible. And so it can be on the battlefield, as well.” —Ikora Rey

  • “In a Rift match, you need your Runner as much as they need you.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Crimson Doubles brings all manner of Guardians together, which can lead to friction when deciding a course of action. The one thing every Titan, Hunter and Warlock can agree on: precision means efficiency.”—Ikora Rey

  • “Once, I took winter by the throat and tore open its secrets.” —Ikora Rey

  • “For the mystery of it, you see. If one of us froze and fell, the others wouldn’t know. And to cheer the children.” —Ikora Rey

  • “There was a before. There was warmth and light in the midst of the cold. That is the Dawning.” —Ikora Rey

  • “You have seen what awaits us, out there in the night. The true extent of the Darkness cannot be explained, even with all of our knowledge. It must be experienced, so you learn not only the Darkness, but the Light and the Traveler as well.” —Ikora Rey

  • “I made quite a reputation in the Crucible. Spent some time trying to outrun it.” – Ikora Rey

  • “Shadowshot is not the most destructive use of Void Light I’ve ever seen, but with adequate support, that’s irrelevant.” —Ikora Rey

  • “You are a Light in the Darkness, Warlock. Always remember that you are our beacon. Guardians like you keep us on the path, make us feel safe at night. We look to your Light to make our lives brighter.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Use your Light to its maximium potential. It’s not a resource a Voidwalker should spend freely.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Are they leading or following up with the throwing knife? That’s one way to tell an arrogant Gunslinger from a desperate one.” —Ikora Rey

  • “The Cabal are pursuing a vendetta against the Taken. Without the Taken here, they would turn their munitions back onto us, so use this distraction to eliminate their leaders. The remnants will fall into disarray.” —Ikora Rey

  • “The Cabal signals on the Dreadnaught are extremely complex. Their legions are planning several operations. I’ve instructed the Hidden to monitor their communications. Hopefully we can stay ahead of their plans.” —Ikora

  • “The blight of Oryx has touched the heart of our worlds. From the depths of the Cosmodrome to the apex of the Vex Citadel, Taken claw at the Light. Seek out the source at the top of the Citadel, and end the Darkness that dwells there.” – Ikora

  • “A Voidwalker can detonate her Light in many ways. The Nova Bomb is simply the crescendo in a litany of explosions.” —Ikora Rey

  • “You stand for something immutable and transcendent. Act like it.” – reprimand to a younger Ikora Rey

  • “A Stormcaller can change the course of a battle by turning his inner lightning outward.” —Ikora Rey

  • “A Sunsinger’s Light has many uses, but its primary function is to burn away the Darkness.” —Ikora Rey

  • “What exactly Oryx does to those he takes, we still do not fully understand it. To have a chance of finding the source of Taken on Venus, we must learn more.” —Ikora

  • “Fallen shields are particularly susceptible to Arc damage. Certain Harpy models, as well.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Where one person sees a god, another sees only a shadow on the moon.” —Ikora Rey

  • “I tried to talk them down. They made a grab for my Ghost. After that it was a short conversation.” – Ikora Rey

  • “Be careful in the Prison, Guardian. The rewards are great, but your opponents are not the only ones being judged.” —Ikora Rey

  • “We’ve yet to meet a more loyal servant of the Darkness, but even the Taken burn under the Light.” —Ikora Rey

  • “A Stormcaller’s striking distance doesn’t end at her fist.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Scout rifles are precision machines. From the correct position, the correct state of mind, dropping opponents is like clockwork.” —Ikora Rey

  • “The Rift match began as a Voidwalker focus exercise. We were attempting to increase the yield of the Nova Bomb. We succeeded, easily doubling the yield. But the resulting Void density was impossible to detonate.” —Ikora Rey

  • “The Crucible is a lesson. Pay attention.” —Ikora Rey

  • “The Darkness always finds new ways to destroy us. We must stand firm.” —Ikora Rey

  • “The Vault of Glass. A wound in time, a landmark to the Guardians. Only a legend such as you would be up to the challenge.” —Ikora

  • “Mid-range rifles and hand cannons are the workhorses of the Guardian arsenal because of their ease of use and reliability. In the hands of a master, nothing more is necessary.” —Ikora Rey

  • “A Guardian strikes until the opposition is finished. Without hesitation. Without mercy.” —Ikora Rey

  • “As a Warlock, our most powerful weapon is knowledge. In the field, more direct methods are required. Speak to Banshee, the Tower’s gunsmith. He will arm you well.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Nova Mortis was a weapon created in a desperate time. Only a Guardian with a will as great as yours can be its master.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Personally, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve died.” —Ikora Rey

  • “A young Zavala once espoused the beauty of Sunsinger Light–until he saw the full extent of its power.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Zavala calls it the ultimate grenade. Cayde says its a whole lot of noise. Voidwalkers call it a matter of practice.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Voidwalkers syphon life energies for a variety of uses, a method other Guardians might not approve of. But these are dire times, and sacrifices must be made.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Just before a Nova Bomb hits, there is a rush of air and warmth—the destruction of Light and life in its path.” —Ikora

  • “Shaxx revels in running the Crucible. He treats it with a somberness one treats actual battle. When you win, he’s confident you’ll take that prowess to the stars against the Darkness. When you lose, he feels like he lost, that it was his fault. Remember he’s as tough on himself as he is on you.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Winning together is an exercise in coordination. The Tower is built on it. Winning alone is demonstrably more difficult.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Let me tell you what I wish someone had told me in my early years: embrace the stillness.” —Ikora Rey

  • “The Taken are fueled by Oryx’s rage, and they want our blood. We have to take theirs first.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Our observations indicate some measure of consciousness lives on in the most powerful Taken. Disgusting.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Our observations indicate some measure of consciousness lives on in the most powerful Taken. Disgusting.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Our observations indicate some measure of consciousness lives on in the most powerful Taken. Disgusting.” —Ikora Rey

  • “When the Vex feel the loss of a construct to the Blight … do they feel pain?” —Ikora Rey

  • “A Hunter will readily part with a beloved knife if an opportunity for a kill presents itself. I find it admirable, in a way, until they start that inevitable conversation about how the last knife they held was the perfect weight and shape and how unfortunate it’s lost forever.” —Ikora Rey

  • “A Nightstalker’s Light can travel across the ground like flame over oil, helping her enforce a space between herself and her opponents. Hunters have come a long way with Void manipulation.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Firearms are more than enough for a Warlock to carry into battle. Knives always seemed extraneous to me until I saw what a Hunter could do with them. Everything has its place.” —Ikora Rey

  • “As a Sunsinger, you are a child of the sun, gifted with the ability to restore and take life.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Certain opponents tend to forget Sunsingers can fight twice if they planned properly. Sunsingers are excellent planners.” —Ikora Rey

  • “The song to the sun is one only a few can hear. It’s one only a few can voice. And it’s one even fewer can survive.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Over lifetimes of battle, Voidwalkers drain the life energy of many opponents. Disputes rage in the Tower over effects this might have on a Warlock, but the debate is pointless. If we stop fighting, we all perish.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Let your allies say what they will about Voidwalker techniques. They’ll look to you when battle begins. They always do.” —Ikora Rey

  • “If the Void is negation, behold the ultimate negator.” —Ikora Rey

  • “The Stormtrance is a deceptively simple technique. Releasing the lightning is easy. Deploying it effectively against the enemy, with full control…that requires technique.” —Ikora Rey

  • “The first example of the Stormtrance technique came from observing the Vex. They were attempting to harness the power of an Arc storm on Mars. The Warlock gave them more energy than they could ever hope to use.” —Ikora Rey

  • “A Stormcaller’s lightning awaits release. So release it on the Darkness. Show the universe how your Light can burn down armies.” —Ikora Rey

  • “A Sunsinger’s Radiance may not be as climactic as other Warlock techniques, but no one can argue with the results.” —Ikora Rey

  • “True power demands relentless study, Guardian. But if you put in the time, you will reap the rewards.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Very interesting, Guardian. There are very few things remaining from this dark time.” —Ikora Rey

  • “It took me a long time to find my footing as a Guardian. I would have given anything to know then what I know now.” —Ikora Rey

  • “The pursuit of knowledge is never a waste of time, Guardian. In your hand, knowledge will be your most powerful weapon.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Light is a mysterious power. No matter how much we study it, a full understanding still eludes us. But for all its unknowability, Light will never fail you.” —Ikora Rey

  • “As a Warlock, the more you know, the more powerful you will become. And Guardian, there is so much still to learn.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Guardian, I can teach you no more at this juncture. Your accomplishments honor all Warlocks, and bring hope to this City. On behalf of the Vanguard, I thank you.” —Ikora Rey

  • “A single Guardian executing a single, bold maneuver can turn the tide. Never take anything for granted in Elimination.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Shaxx wants every Guardian to succeed in the Crucible. On both teams. A paradox to be certain, but he says it’s yet another way the Crucible represents true combat.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Shaxx seems not to have a preference for a specific firearm. In his days as a competitor, he would finish fights with his hands whenever he could. He was the idol of every Striker.” —Ikora Rey

  • “A Stormcaller’s focus is control of the Arc Light, in gradual and persistent guidance of the lightning. The Striker is only concerned with the burst, the Arc impact for maximum disruption and destruction. Zavala and I could argue the advantages of both, but the Crucible speaks for us.” —Ikora Rey

  • “In the wake of your adventures on Mercury, Zavala is now in command of a Titan legion wielding fists of fire. You all must be pleased.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Well-defended relics can require multiple Guardians to lock down. In those situations, the challenge can be worth more than the relic itself.” —Ikora Rey

  • “We have a solution.” – Ikora Rey, in an emergency session of the City Consensus

  • “Your survival against the Fallen and the Hive fills me with hope. Do not grow overconfident. Many a Guardian believed nothing could touch them…and paid the price because of it.” —Ikora Rey

  • “The world-eating machine beneath Venus has restarted, Guardian. The Ishtar Sink requires your Light once again.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Hive Wizards despise the Sunsinger. Solar Light cuts their ritual barriers to shreds, blistering their skin and burning their eyes.” —Ikora Rey

  • “I was surprised to find that, despite the origins of the exercise, Titans and Hunters achieved success in Rift matches.” —Ikora Rey

  • “Guardians prepared to serve in these Strikes have embarked on veteran missions in the past and survived to share the tale. These hardened Guardians are properly equipped, from hard-won bounty and Tower requisitions, to face our enemy’s elite. The Vanguard accepts no less on these missions.” —Ikora Rey

  • Whatever you were before, you are a Warlock now. Your battle with the Fallen tells me you boil with potential. When you have settled, seek me out in the Hall of Guardians. -Ikora Rey

  • “A Voidwalker’s strike does more than harm you. It takes from you.” —Ikora Rey

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