Episode 95 Recap: Update Dead Orbit

There are those in the City who look beyond. Beyond the walls, beyond the earth, beyond even the Traveler and the supposed salvation that it offers humanity. They see another future among the light of other stars. They see the Traveler and Earth itself as nothing more than celestial bodies caught in a dead orbit – a name which, appropriately they have taken for their own.

Their theology has evolved, moving past the fatalistic paradigm and into an obsession with worlds beyond Earth – focusing on construction of a fleet of ships which will prove capable of travel amongst the stars within which they believe our salvation truly lies. Dead Orbit seeks to rise from the ashes of our past, using the spoils of war and the technology long forgotten to forge forward and to escape the trap that, in their eyes, Earth has become.

There is no room for sentiment in the world that Dead Orbit exists in – a world that is only existing because of an alient miracle. A miracle that, in the eyes of Dead Orbit cannot be expected to occur again. This expectation is what drives the Faction to push for humanity to be scattered across the stars – to become so far-flung that no single threat could possibly hope to destroy it all. This goal, the ultimate goal for human survival, justifies any sacrifice in the eyes of the Arachs of Dead Orbit – though the sacrifices they make are not just for themselves, but for all humanity. The thought of the City’s children’s eyes when the Darkness comes drives them as much as the ghost of the dead future which Earth offers those who, in their eyes, are foolish enough to stay.

What is Dead Orbit?

Dead Orbit

“The Traveler is not our only salvation. Another future lies out among the light of other stars.”

Dead Orbit’s theology has developed from mere fatalism into an obsession with worlds beyond Earth. Now their focus is on the building of a starfaring fleet, cobbled together from the ashes of our past and the spoils of war.


The Last Array

“The Terrestrial Array was Dead Orbit‘s hope to reconnect to the lost colonies of our inner system. You succeeded where they failed. Though Rasputin seized control of the Array, that only strengthens our resolve to break the old Warmind’s firewalls and enlist its help in the wars to come. We must reach Rasputin, and make our case.” – Commander Zavala


For Dead Orbit

“Another future lies out among the orbit of other stars.” —Dead Orbit tenet


Talk to Arach Jalaal

“Dead Orbit’s core philosophy never sat with me, not at all. Still, there are days when we need to work with’em. Today’s one.” —Cayde-6


The Last Array

“Dead Orbit has a pretty simple philosophy: we’re all doomed. According to them, getting out of the system is the only way to survive. No surprise they’d want to find a way to connect with Rasputin and the colonial arrays.” —Ghost


Deviant Gravity-A

A machine gun modified by Dead Orbit’s superb technicians and specialists.

      • The tenants of Dead Orbit
        • “Another future lies out among the orbit of other stars.”
        • Fatalistic nihilism
          • Etymology of this term
            • Fatalism
              • “the belief that all events are predetermined and therefore inevitable.”
            • Nihilism
              • “the rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless.”Philosophy: “extreme skepticism maintaining that nothing in the world has a real existence.”
        • The Theology of Dead Orbit
          • Theology
            • “religious beliefs and theory when systematically developed.””the CRITICAL study of the nature of the divine.”
            • A more focused ideology (focused on divine, instead of general system of ideas/ideals)
            • Very similar to that of Friedrich Nietzsche

“By the time Nietzsche wrote, it was common for European intellectuals to assume that such ideas [altruistic concern, guilt for wrongdoing, moral responsibility, the value of compassion, the demand for equal consideration of persons, and so on], however much inspiration they owed to the Christian intellectual and faith tradition, needed a rational grounding independent from particular sectarian or even ecumenical religious commitments. Then as now, most philosophers assumed that a secular vindication of morality would surely be forthcoming and would save the large majority of our standard commitments. Nietzsche found that confidence naïve, and he deployed all his rhetorical prowess to shock his readers out of complacency on this score. For example, his doubts about the viability of Christian underpinnings for moral and cultural life are not offered in a sunny spirit of anticipated liberation, nor does he present a sober but basically confident call to develop a secular understanding of morality; instead, he launches the famous, aggressive and paradoxical pronouncement that “God is dead” (GS 108, 125, 343). The idea is not so much that atheism is true—in GS 125, he depicts this pronouncement arriving as fresh news to a group of atheists—but instead that because “the belief in the Christian God has become unbelievable”, everything that was “built upon this faith, propped up by it, grown into it”, including “the whole of our European morality”, is destined for “collapse” (GS 343). Christianity no longer commands society-wide cultural allegiance as a framework grounding ethical commitments, and thus, a common basis for collective life that was supposed to have been immutable and invulnerable has turned out to be not only less stable than we assumed, but incomprehensibly mortal—and in fact, already lost. The response called for by such a turn of events is mourning and deep disorientation.”


Who are the known Arachs?

Dead Orbit Faction Rep

Arach Jalaal

Jalaal is a man driven by the ghost of a dead future. Critics accuse Dead Orbit of nihilistic fatalism – and Jalaal would be the first to agree that Earth is lost, the City a fatal trap.

The Arachs have no time for sentiment. Only an alien miracle prevented human extinction during the Collapse. Jalaal dreams of a diaspora to come – humanity ascendant, scattered across the stars, too far-flung for any single threat to reach.

Jalaal’s utilitarian practicality drives him to bend laws and break rules in the name of Dead Orbit’s great project. When the ultimate goal is human survival, any sacrifice can be justified.


Ghost Fragment: Dead Orbit


lo? Hello? Are you…oh, please, let it be alive. Wake up little Ghost, wake up. Just please give me some sign that you’re listening.

All right. I don’t need…I know you’re listening. Why would you be out here if you weren’t here to…It’s a miracle I found you out here. On this thing.

I didn’t know the Traveler sent its Ghosts out this far from home.

Poor little lost thing. Please wake up.

I am an Arach of Dead Orbit. I am the last of the crew of the Sophia. And this place is…it doesn’t have a name. We called it A-113.

How long have you been here, little Ghost? Why did you come?

Listen. We came here on behalf of the Fleet. We were scavengers. Sixty-one days ago a Dead Orbit scout detected an unknown presence in stationary orbit about Ceres. 133 west. Looked Golden Age, by the signatures. Human. A small station. No prior records. We –

I suppose we should have disclosed it to the Tower, but we didn’t. I didn’t. That was my call. We wanted it for ourselves, whatever it was. For the Fleet. If we’d told the Tower, maybe they might have sent a Guardian not of our making instead…Doesn’t matter now, does it, little one?

If I ramble it’s because I haven’t slept in seven days.

Seven point five days ago; that was when the Sophia dropped into the Belt. They saw us at once. We dropped and the alarms went off and that was the end, that was the end right then, but they let us go on for another seven-point-five days, didn’t they? The alarms. Hostile scan detected. An Awoken ship had us in its sights, just a couple hundred kilometers away. Like it had been waiting for us. It could have wiped us out of space right then but instead it crippled our engines and our comms and then for days it played with us, like a cat, we limped half-way round the Belt and it was always there…

We abandoned the Sophia one-point-five days ago. We jumped ship for A-113.

I don’t know what else to call it. I don’t know what it was built for. There are these things, like keyholes. The rangefinders say they go on for thousands of kilometers. The others went inside and found – well, some of them are still screaming about the eye. All the other voices that come back are more terrible.

There’s salvage here but it’ll never come home, none of it. None of it except maybe you, little Ghost.

Wake up.

Wake up. Go home. Tell them to strike A-113 from the records. Tell them to forget the Sophia, and the mission, and her crew.



Arach Linde

“We are not fatalists. We’re optimists. We believe life exists beyond this dead orbit.” —Arach Linde

“Listen. Some stars won’t stop calling to us.” —Arach Linde

Arach Henri

“At least we’ll know we tried.” —Arach Henri

Arach Modesta

“Success is not about survival. It is about discovery.” —Arach Modesta

Arach Parnell

“When all is shadow, know your journey has begun.” —Arach Parnell

“Once, deep space explorers were seen as heroes. Now, for suggesting humanity should look beyond this system, some call us cowards.” —Arach Parnell

Arach Jalaal

“Beyond Sol’s gravity, beyond Earth’s pull.” —Arach Jalaal

“Beyond the Reef. Beyond the Nine.” —Arach Jalaal

“Beyond the City. Yes, beyond the Traveler.” —Arach Jalaal

“I am haunted by the Endling, the last living human.” —Arach Jalaal

“The forces of Light weren’t meant to be confined in a tower. You’re living proof. We could help one another.” —Arach Jalaal

“Here’s the secret: we’ve already lost. Now we see who lives to fight again.” – Arach Jalaal

What is an Arach?

From the Hebrew “to wander, journey, go” or “goes, traveler, wayfarer, wayfarers”

Dead Orbit’s role in Destiny 2


“The second fleet will wait no longer. Commencement will begin on their arrival.”
– Cryptarch translation of Skyburner chatter
Rumors of a yet-to-be-deployed Cabal Fleet have long haunted the Vanguard Hall. Hidden efforts unveiled the Phobos fleetbases house what is merely the first wave of a full-scale celestial demolition fleet, codenamed Skyburners. Ghost scans of the ships and reports of a large Psion presence have Warlocks anxious to learn of their weaponry. Dead Orbit assures the City that the Skyburner fleet poses no immediate threat to the City.


Talk to Arach Jalaal

“We’ll keep your Guardian in mind for future pushes in the Crucible. This was excellent work. The remaining Cabal forces in our system have been severely weakened.” —Arach Jalaal’s report to Commander Zavala


Meet with Dead Orbit

“Dead Orbit’s up to something. I don’t know what they’re planning, but their agents are fond of pulling Guardians aside, whispering to any who will listen. They want nothing to do with the Traveler, and if it were up to them, nothing to do with the Tower.” —Lord Shaxx


Talk to Arach Jalaal

“Arach Jalaal. Dead Orbit communications have spiked 50 percent since you joined up. I’m not sure what they’re planning, but they’ve filed a number of interesting requests with Zavala’s office. Whatever they’re looking to do, it’s big.” —Ghost



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