Ghost Fragment: Alzer’s Letter

My Dear Guardian, I know this letter will come across the wrong way or show you my true intent but I assure you it’s for the best. I haven’t been a Guardian in a long time but none of that matters now. All that matters is the war that needs to end, while you fight against the Hive and Vex. I am fighting a threat far greater than both of them, I had to do something to fight them. I had to give up my Light for another power, no no not the darkness. I am not like that freak Toland or Yor, I picked the power in the middle. Of both Light and Dark, this war must end and for that to happen. The Light and Dark must be destroyed together or cut them off from this endless universe.

I heard you kill Oryx and his son, good those are gods I no longer need to go after but Guardian there is a question I need to ask. Something important that would make you question everything you know, why are you such a puppet? A tool for the Speaker and the Vanguard to use, do you think the City will always be safe? Do you not know they are coming, no no not the Worm Gods nor the Formless One. The Cabal, they are coming and there’s nothing you can do to stop them from taking the Traveler. So why not join me? The winning side that will bring peace and order to this chaotic universe? Why are you walking away from me? Why do you believe in the Light so much but you know it will fail at the end. I can see it in your eyes, you are either an idiot or just too blind to see the truth. You will regret not joining me and I will see too that you all die. Good bye Guardian, the next time our fates cross. Only one of us will walk away from the event.

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