A New Guardian Rises – Siren-9

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Ghost & Guardians Y3
A New Guardian Rises- Siren-9

Location: Somewhere deep within the Plaguelands

A Ghost, reluctantly searching in this area for a Guardian, comes across a long, dead Exo.

Ghost- Wait could this… Yes, I finally found one. That’ll show her. I can’t wait to rub it in her face. (short pause) Better do this now before I’m caught.

A newly resurrected Guardian awakens, a female Exo with the Designation Siren.

Ghost- Time to wake up sleepy head. We got to get going. I know this will sound weird, but you died in the worst place possible.

(Audible roar in the distance)

Ghost- And that’s our cue to run.

The Ghost sent out a distress signal as a pre-caution.

Time skip: 10 minutes

Siren and her Ghost tried to escape from the Fallen that were now hunting them, but they were instead chased down an ally.

Ghost- Great, I finally find a Guardian after centuries of looking, only to get destroyed by freaky cyber Fallen.

2 splicer captains and 3 dregs have Siren and her ghost cornered.

Splicer Captain- (A long string of clicks and growls)

Siren- Do you know what it said?

Ghost- Not entirely, but he’s saying something about “another machine ghoul and its toy.” … Hey!

As the other Captain lunged at them with his shock blades ready to cut them down, a sword pierced through his back, causing him to fall dead. The other Splicers turned to see who threw the sword, and behind them was a Guardian with a second sword on his back.

This Guardian was also an Exo, but with no designation to be found, and goes by the name and tally marks etched in his arm, AXL-7.

AXL- Jaz, is this the one who sent the distress signal?

A ghost appears from behind AXL.

Jaz- You know, it might not be a good idea to throw a gift from Saladin just a few days after receiving it.

The other Fallen charged at AXL as he gripped the hilt of the blade on his back.

In one swing, all 4 Fallen vanished upon coming into contact with his blade.

Siren- Incredible.

The Ghost that was with AXL examines Siren.

Jaz- I’m guessing you haven’t found a ship yet, have you?

Ghost- We were getting around to it.

AXL- They can come with us. I doubt they will be as lucky as us to find a ship around here.

[End of “A New Guardian Rises”]

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