The Reluctant Agreement- Adam

Ghost & Guardians Y1
The Reluctant Agreement- Adam

Location: The City: back allies

A Ghost has been in close proximity to a human male, who went by the name Adam, for 4 days. Adam has been trying to avoid her in that time, to no success. This time he attempted to lose her in what he called, The Back Ally Maze. He grew up traversing that area, but it still didn’t matter. She found him every time. He left the maze after an hour of running through it, and she was right behind him.

Adam- Really wish you would stop following me.

Ghost- Not going to happen.

Adam- I don’t care what your “scans” say. Why don’t you go look for some other idiot to do this job?

He gestured his hand as if to shoo a fly away.

Adam- There are a bunch of corpses to choose from.

Ghost- I could, but that would take too long. Besides, I’m sure you can see more benefits doing this, then your current “job.”

Adam- What?

Ghost- I’m just saying, the Vanguard, multiple foundries, and some Guardians have been missing their toys. I wonder how they would react if they found out where their stuff went.

Adam- How could you possibly know that I’m the one who has their weapons?

Ghost- I’ve been around you for days now. I doubt someone like you could get clearance to own weapons. Besides, we all have our secrets, but I’m sure you don’t want yours to come out.

Adam- … Fine, why don’t I help you find someone else instead?

Ghost- Only if you’re ok with looking for a few centuries.

[End of “The Reluctant Agreement”]


Trigger comments: This is Trigger BladeX. To help explain a few concepts in my writing, I decided to add a small comment at the end of this fan-fic. (Also it felt a little short compared to my first submission) To start with, the fan-fic series is called Ghost & Guardians, and the Y1 you see at the top specifies the Year in Destiny it takes place. In later submissions I will add certain plot points that may require some knowledge of D1, but I will attempt to submit them in a chronological order and input some easter eggs to help understand where and when it takes place. As an added note to remove some confusion that may appear, my work focuses around moments separate, prior to, or in the aftermath of an in-game mission or event in D1.

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