The Maverick & the Incident

Ghost & Guardians Y1

The Maverick & the Incident

Location: European Dead Zone

Ghost Search Log on EDZ: 5514

First attempt to search for a Guardian inside a Dead Zone:

Expected no results, but have already repeated multiple search areas

Human/Awoken Skeleton discovered next to a Fallen one: Suspect they killed each other during the Dark Age.

Time: 10:32 am

Guardian successfully revived:

  • Human, Male
  • Suspected age of death: mid-30s
  • Unrepairable scar on his left eye
  • Vitals: Normal
  • Armor: Attached correctly

Audio recording for posterity:

Ghost: Guardian.

The newly revived Guardian, male human, stood up and looked around his surroundings.

Ghost: Good, you are awake. We don’t have much time to talk so I’ll make this brief.

The Guardian seemingly ignoring what the Ghost had to say was looking at the sky and noticed a fallen skiff landing in the distance. When he saw the skiff his fist clenched up for a second and then he relaxed his hand. He then took his helmet off and had a smirk on his face and spoke.

Ghost: So, we need to find a ship in order for us to make it to…

Guardian: Hey, Orb.

Ghost (in an annoyed voice): Excuse me?

Guardian: Do you think I can fly that ship?

[Time Skip: 3hrs 43mins]

Location: Tower Hanger section referred to as “The Bar”

A Guardian, named Calvin Vice, is writing a report to the Vanguard about an incident that took place in the hanger, 30 minutes prior, involving a crashed skiff. A Technician who is familiar with this Guardian asked him about his report.

Technician- Are you submitting the report?

Calvin- Yeah. I don’t expect they will be happy to hear this though.

Tech.- Who could blame them? I was told an unknown Guardian crashes a Fallen skiff into the hanger and walks off like everything is normal. Ms. Holiday was furious when I asked her about the mess.

Calvin- Can you blame her? He destroyed two ships that were in repair.

Tech.- I also heard people thought it was a Fallen attack before he came out of the skiff. He was taken in for questioning though, right?

Calvin- He left with Cayde.

The technician slammed his hand against his forehead.

Tech.- Oh no.

The technician noticed a perplexed look on Calvin’s face as Calvin continued to write the report.

Tech.- I rarely see you make a face like that. Did you find something important in the skiff?

Calvin- Inside the skiff we found multiple fallen dead. I was able to recognize one as a Baron for the Devils.

Tech.- A newly revived guardian did that?

Calvin- I don’t know, but there time of death was confirmed to be about 3 hours ago. I need to keep an eye on that Guardian. I can see him being very useful for the Vanguard.

[End of “The Maverik & The Incident”]

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