The First & Final Memory- Exo-6

Ghost & Guardians Y1

The First & Final Memory- Exo-6

Location: Outside of the Cosmodrome

Year: [Broken Segment]

Affiliation: [Broken Segment]

Events Prior: [Broken Segment]

Status of Condition: Critical

Detailed Status: Imminent Termination

  • Left Leg: Knee Cap: Detached
  • Right Leg: Artificial Ligaments Destroyed
  • Missing Designation Plate: Memory of Designation-Lost
  • Torso: Partially Crushed
  • Cranial Section Exposed: Unavoidable Excess Memory Loss

Recovered Memory: 5 Minutes Prior to Termination

  • External Audio: Retained
  • External Sensations: Retained
  • External Visual: Lost
  • Internal Audio: Lost
  • Internal Sensations: Retained
  • Internal Visual: None

Playing Memory:

Exo- So, this is how I’m going to die.

Exo- Heh, funny I actually think of myself as alive. When did that ever happen?

Exo- I guess after he died.


Exo- (Sighs) I still don’t get why he gave me that stupid nickname.

Exo- Must have been back when I was him.

Exo- But he knew I wasn’t him.

Exo- Wish I could remember him. I might have found a way to stop that ship if I was him.

Exo- He knew he wouldn’t make it back, so why did he go? Then again, why did I choose to go into this fight?

Exo- I guess it was the same reason.

[Sound of circuits sparking]

Exo- My legs are too damaged for me to move, my identification plate fell off somewhere, and I doubt I can just reset like the other times.

[Audible rain]

[Sound of circuits sparking]

Exo- Why did I always carve a line in my arm? I guess it meant something to each one of me.

Exo- He said it was more than a tally system, to me? I wish I could remember.


[Sound of circuits sparking]

Exo- I guess if I’m found they should at least know my designation.

[Sound of metal scraping metal]


[Sound of circuits sparking]

Exo- Why did I write that nickname? I never said I liked it.

Exo- Why did I never say I didn’t like it?



[Sound of metal scraping metal]


Unknown- Gu…

Unknown- Guar…

Unknown- Guardian!

The Exo looks up after staring at his arm in what seemed like a trance. He looks around and remembers he is in a ship he and his Ghost acquired. He turns towards his Ghost, who was calling him.

Ghost- (Sigh of relief) Thank goodness. You have been staring at your arm for several minutes. I’m afraid to ask again, but is the name on your arm yours?

The Exo looks at his arm, read the name, and counted the tally marks to himself.

Exo- No.

The Exo looked around his proximity and found some scrap metal lying on the floor of the ship. He picked up a piece and etched a single line next to the tally mark without a line through it. The Ghost, bewildered, looked at the Exo’s arm.

Ghost- A. X. L.

The Ghost looked at the tally marks next to the name.

Ghost- 7. I guess technically the seven makes sense, but A, X, and L don’t make up a name.

Exo- Axel.

Ghost- Was that your name?

Exo- It was a nickname, but I know I didn’t hate it.

Ghost- Alright. Then from here on, I’ll call you AXL-7.

[End of “The First & Final Memory”]


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