Ep 124 Summary


Greetings, Guardians!

Wanted to throw together an summary of the last episode, for those who might not be regular visitors to the Podbean site.

As always, if anyone has any questions or concerns, my door is always open.

Blue out


Episode 124 brings Blue, Justin, Green, and Beard back together to chat about the updates in Destiny 2 for the Warlock class – and yes, this time we have a Warlock present to defend the class from the Hunters. We spend a good amount of time discussing the thoughts and theories that we see from Ulan-Tan and the possible ramifications in the game world, as well as diving into a bit of Asher’s story and his connections to the Vex. As much as it pains Justin, we do explore the Ophidian Aspects for a bit, before moving to the vampiric Karnstein Armlets.

Also be sure to weigh in for the community question for this week!


Weekly Question

What does the horse represent in the Spire?


Discussion Timestamps

    • 0:04:45 | Community Feedback
    • 0:07:00 | Weekly Community Question
    • 0:08:45 | Topic Intro
    • 0:12:30 | Lost Lore: Ulan-Tan’s Grove
    • 0:38:00 | New Lore Entries from Destiny 2
    • 0:42:00 | Introduction to the Dawnblade
    • 1:10:00 | Asher Mir
    • 1:24:00 | Transformation into Dawnblade
    • 1:37:00 | Beard’s Thoughts on the Ophidian Aspects
    • 1:47:00 | Team’s Thoughts on Karnstein Armlets
    • 1:57:45 | Team Shoutouts & Final Thoughts


Links Mentioned in Show

Lore Items

Lore Entries from Destiny 2
  • Dawnblade (link)
  • Wings of Sacred Dawn (link)
  • Asher Mir’s One-Way Ticket (link)
  • Gensym Knight armor (link)
  • Karnstein Armlets (link)
  • Orphidian Aspects (link)


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