Ep 133 Summary


Greetings, Guardians!

Wanted to throw together an summary of the last episode, for those who might not be regular visitors to the Podbean site.

As always, if anyone has any questions or concerns, my door is always open.

Blue out


This week takes the team not just under the surface of the newly unlocked Mars, but also into the pages of Grimoire and information from Destiny 1 – because in order to understand the weight of the new information about the Worm Gods, you have to go back to the start and learn about their history. We’ll take a look at things such as the pact with the Hive, the possible implications that Nokris and Xol’s presence on Mars alongside Rasputin has within the story, and even thoughts on if Calus himself had any interactions – along with some jokes at the expense of the currently running Faction Rally (of course).

Also be sure to weigh in for the community question for this week!


Weekly Question for Next Episode (The Fry Files)

What is the most important thing that we learned from the Concierge AI?


Discussion Timestamps

  • 0:04:30 | Community Feedback
  • 0:06:00 | Weekly Community Question
  • 0:07:00 | Topic Intro
  • 0:10:45 | Lost Lore: Hive & Worms 
  • 0:23:00 | Sword Logic
  • 0:30:00 | Worm God Phenotypes
  • 0:40:00 | The Worm Gods’ Titles
  • 0:51:00 | Xol & Mars
  • 1:04:00 | Hive & Necromancy
  • 1:12:00 | Beard’s Thoughts
  • 1:32:30 | Calus & the Worm Gods
  • 1:45:15 | Dispatches
  • 1:50:30 | Team Shoutouts & Final Comments


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