Memorial to Cayde from Ghost & Guardians

It feels strange that, among those of my fireteam, I am the one to write this. I guess since this practice came from my previous self’s nomadic culture, I should be the one to do it. I guess I should also mention that this letter is only for the eyes of the one who departed, and close family members. So, in this instance, it will only be you.

You were the teacher for both Adam and Nearra, gambling friend to Shaxx and myself, and still you knew how to annoy us in the worst/best way. Yet still, we were all glad to have met you. I can still recount what happened when I first came to The Tower. I crashed a Fallen skiff into the hanger, and everyone was in a panic about it. Before I got out, everyone had a gun pointed at the skiff, and when I did exit the skiff, I still remember what you said. “Lower your weapons. This guy isn’t an enemy. He just doesn’t know how to fly a ship,” in your usual joking manner I should add. Even back when I didn’t have a name, you still somehow gave me a nickname. Heh, Eon feared how accurate it sounded at the time… I guess I do still owe you on something, at least the old me does. I never told you about it, in fact, I wouldn’t have known it without that former Warlord telling me. As payback for that last bet, I’ll tell you once my final death comes. I should also mention, Axl has already left to return to The Reef. We both know he can handle this, but we’re still apart of his Fireteam. Next we meet; I’ll buy you a drink.

Signed, the Maverick Warlock, Dexter Verse

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