Captain Nemo

Captain Nemo:Prince Dakkar Sci-Fi novel (20k leagues under the sea) -Jules Verne Antihero-roams the sea via legendary submarine the Nautilus Captain Nemo first appeared in the novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne. He also appears later in the Novel Mysterious Island. These two books that are considered canon for Captain Nemo. All the other stories … Continue reading Captain Nemo

All of Ikora Rey’s Quotes from the API in Destiny 1

Ikora Rey, the sassy and deadly warlock Vanguard, has some of the most practical quotes as well as the biggest burns in the game. Below is the complete list of Destiny 1 Quotes pulled from the API. Enjoy "I joke with Cayde and Zavala about it all the time, but it's just one more way … Continue reading All of Ikora Rey’s Quotes from the API in Destiny 1


Belisarius:Justinian/General Reclaimed Rome from Vandals & Goths with only a small army & fleet of ships Wanted all territories under 1 rule Flavius Belisarius was a general of the Byzantine Empire.  His commitment to Emperor Justinian was vital to the reconquering of the Mediterranean territory of the former Western Roman Empire, which had been previously lost to the … Continue reading “BELISARIUS DEFIANT”