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Show Notes – Ep 148 [Side B] (Marasenna)

FFC 148 - Marasenna

The follow up conversation (or as Beard labeled it, "Side B") to the Marasenna episode recorded the previous Friday - this is a conclusion of sorts (because nothing is ever done when it comes to lore) to the examination of the introduction to the Awoken people and a start of the peeling away of the veil that hides some of the larger picture within the Destiny universe. It is within the Marasenna that we begin to start to see that Destiny is more than just a battle of individuals - more than the struggle between species. It is truly a struggle of competing philosophies and ideologies - the never ending conflict between the cosmic law and the will of those who live within that cosmos.

Show Notes – Ep 148 (Marasenna)

FFC 148 - Marasenna

This week, the team chats about one of the new lore 'booklets' introduced in Destiny 2: Marasenna. In similar fashion to the earlier episodes, this episode mostly focuses on a high level analysis of the new entries - though there are some good theories and thoughts from the team as we explore the information. Please note that, as the team discussed during the episode, that there will be another episode following shortly finishing up the discussion!