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FFC Extra Lore #28 Banner Extra Lore #28: Star Wars - This week, the team takes a quick glance into the new information that the Star Wars universe has on Smugglers, in light of the most recent movie, Solo. Get ready for a quick trip through the underworld of the new Star Wars universe, as the team discusses the notable figures that make up the current ranks of smugglers, a few clarification points for Blue from Beard and Damo in regards to Clone Wars and Rebels, and a minor divergence into Beard's thoughts on the new EU for Star Wars.
Ep 136 Summary - This week, the team jumps into the conversation on the enigmatic Exos and the new information that the Destiny community received as part of the Warmind DLC (and a hefty conversation at the end about the potential future of one of the community's favorite Exo in the upcoming Forsaken DLC). Get ready for a dive into some more psychological analysis of the science fiction genre, a look at some potential reasons why Destiny has Exos, and a good amount of home-grown spinfoil!
Focused Fire Chat Episode 135 Banner Ep 135 Summary - This week, get ready for a long chat with Beard and Green (Blue and Justin are there, trust us) about the information contained within the new Ares One information that was provided to the community in the Warmind DLC. And yes, that includes the big debate on the order of the entries, but also the underlying potential problems (if any) there are with the information.
Fry Files Episode Banner Ep 134 Summary - This week we answer the question of "would you like to know more" with a resounding YES - diving into the bread crumbs of information that are able to be gleaned from some of the new collectible scans in the Warmind DLC for Destiny 2. From a lengthy (per listener request) discussion on the nature of the Trolley Problem and how it relates to the figure of Rasputin, to chatting about the new revelations about Exos, the team dives into the information given to us by the files we fondly refer to as The Fry Files.
Worm Gods Banner Ep 133 Summary - This week takes the team not just under the surface of the newly unlocked Mars, but also into the pages of Grimoire and information from Destiny 1 - because in order to understand the weight of the new information about the Worm Gods, you have to go back to the start and learn about their history. We'll take a look at things such as the pact with the Hive, the possible implications that Nokris and Xol's presence on Mars alongside Rasputin has within the story, and even thoughts on if Calus himself had any interactions - along with some jokes at the expense of the currently running Faction Rally (of course).
Extra Lore Episode 27 Banner Extra Lore #27: HALO - This installment of the Extra Lore series brings the team together to discuss one of the arguably most division characters within the HALO series, Dr. Catherine Halsey. Taking her journal (available to players who purchased either the Limited or Legendary version of Halo: Reach as the primary source of information, pens leads the discussion through the controversial topics of Halsey's historical development into the character that we see in HALO today.
Seraph Tech Banner Ep 132 Summary - This week, the team heads out to visit Futurescape to look into the technology of Rasputin, known to some as Seraph technology. We examine some of the information also that has been presented to us in the new DLC about the Warmind itself - as well as chat about the underlying meaning of the term "Seraph" and what implications might be from that.
Guardian Potential Banner Ep 131 Summary - This week, the team takes a bit of a step back - looking over the progression of our Guardians' story and where it potentially could be headed. Blue also answers a few comments at the start - so please be sure to weigh in on that to make sure we're on the right track! While it's not something that is often discussed within the game's dialogue or story itself, the potential of the Guardian and Humanity as a whole is a rather significant plot point that is also a great launching point for a number of other discussions (as you'll find here) - we hope you enjoy the chat!
Ep 130 Summary - This week, the team takes a break from the recent DLC for Destiny 2 (don't worry - we have a point in the episode where we chat a bit about our thoughts on it) to look a bit deeper into the trade of gunsmithing. Blue speaks to the history of this profession, not just in the game-world, but also outside in our own world before the team explores the nature of the smiths that we do know of in game. Banshee-44 is discussed (along with the new light that some of the recent lore updates have given us on him), as well as some of the lesser known figures, such as Gaunt and The Stoic.
Warmind DLC Prep Banner Warmind DLC Prep - This week, the team welcomes back PurpleChimera as we jump into the snippets of information that we have gotten for the upcoming Warmind DLC in Destiny 2. And don't worry, Blue and Beard are back to the normal disagreement and tangents on philosophy and science trivia for everyone. The source of information discussed in this episode was also the initial piece of lore in a new format for the community - one that has become known as "Weblore". This being said, sit back and enjoy a dive into not just an examination of the crumbs we've received, but also some theories on how those tidbits could end up affecting the overall story of the Destiny universe.
Episode 129 Banner Ep 129 Summary - This week, the team travels to 7066 Nessus to get to know a bit more about that crazy AI vendor, Failsafe. At the start, however, we dive a bit into our initial thoughts and opinions (and a bit of a response to some more obvious thoughts) on the recent reveal of the upcoming DLC for Destiny 2, Warmind. After that, we jump out of the game world for a bit to explain some scientific facts about Nessus - to better understand what makes this place a little more important than it might seem on the surface. After going through a basic introduction of Failsafe, as well as some of the hints that we have about her origin, the team also takes a closer look at some of the lore entries for more insight into Failsafe's character.
Episode 128 Banner Ep 128 Summary - This week, the team returns to the Tower to examine the mysterious frame known as Benedict 99-40 - a subject which admittedly is pretty sparse on details. However, there is a fair amount to be gleaned from the information that we have managed to gather so far concerning Frames in general within the world of Destiny...though you'll notice that this episode is a bit shorter than normal. Blame Blue for that. And remember - Embrace his name! All glory to the Emperor!
Extra Lore Episode 25 Banner Extra Lore #25: Monster Hunter - This installment of the Extra Lore series takes the team to a world where players are invited to experience the ultimate hunting experience - a world full of monsters that are as amazingly fascinating as they are dangerous. The Monster Hunter series revolves around nature & discusses the search for balance within this new world - indeed, this balance with nature is one of, if not the, most important themes of the series' story. However, this series is largely portrayed visually - which, while this medium presents an awesome sense of immersion to the game, it also makes detailed critical analysis frustrating at times. Much of the information in this series is gained through inference of the material offered.
Episode 127 Banner Ep 127 Summary - This week, we're visiting the moon of Io to spend some time with everyone's favorite grumpy Awoken Warlock - Asher Mir. The team chats about not just the history of the Gensym Scribe we met back in Destiny 1, but also the underlying nature of the Vex given some of the new information from this week's 1.1.4 update (known as the "Go Fast Update" to many in the community) and even gets into a few tangents about memory, Ikora and her troubled relationship with her Ghost, and why Beard feels so connected to Asher. Also there is a bit of a debate on, given the changes in the game, who now has the better "jump" between the hosts.
Episode 126 Banner Ep 126 Summary - The team comes back together to discuss the series of conflicts that defined the early days of the Last City on Earth - from the mysterious figure of Lysander and his militant Concordat to the questions that still are unanswered about the nature of what makes the Great Factions so great, get ready for some good chatter this week. Also note that Beard now has a new nickname (check out the conversation at about 1:20:00 in the episode for that tidbit) and we have two major announcements that we're really excited to bring you at the end of the episode (starting at about 1:53:00 for those).
Episode 125 Banner Ep 125 Summary - Episode 125 brings Blue, Green, and Beard back together to discuss the updates that Destiny 2 brings to the table in regards to the elusive figures known as "The Nine" - fair warning, for something that there really isn't much on, the team has a LOT to talk about. There are tons of connections that have yet to be woven together in the game (though we are starting to see a bit of that through the introduction of the Emissary and the Third Spire) - add that to the ramifications of the science displayed in game as well as some of the symbols revealed...and get ready for what the team has started calling one of our "FFC TED Talks".
Episode 124 Banner Ep 124 Summary - Episode 124 brings Blue, Justin, Green, and Beard back together to chat about the updates in Destiny 2 for the Warlock class - and yes, this time we have a Warlock present to defend the class from the Hunters. We spend a good amount of time discussing the thoughts and theories that we see from Ulan-Tan and the possible ramifications in the game world, as well as diving into a bit of Asher's story and his connections to the Vex. As much as it pains Justin, we do explore the Ophidian Aspects for a bit, before moving to the vampiric Karnstein Armlets.
Extra Lore Episode 24 Banner Extra Lore #24: DOOM - Our 24th installment of the Extra Lore series brings Blue and Beard together to reminisce on one of the earlier titles in the First Person Shooter genre, DOOM - and jokingly explain their way through yet another series that both enjoyed (and supposedly didn't have a story). So, gear up for some ripping and tearing as we dive headfirst into the hellish landscape that is the DOOM series - but don't worry, we don't leave all the jokes wouldn't be FFC without someone making fun of things.
Episode 123 Banner Ep 123 Summary - Episode 123 brings Blue, an extremely tardy Justin, Green, Beard, and returning special guest co-host PurpleChimera back together to discuss a rather hot topic at the moment - the "problem" of biased presentation of in-game story information. Namely - is it a problem? The group hashes it out among them (and yes, we're back to the familiar group of Blue and Beard not really being on the same page), using figures such as the Speaker, Osiris, Toland, and even real life examples such as stereotypes in music, the historical research and experiences of Purple, and the dangers of angering abstract artists (GG, Justin).
Episode 122 Banner Ep 122 Summary - Episode 122 brings Blue, Justin, Green, & Beard back together to dive into the lore that we have concerning the Exo race and their relationship with the concept of artificial intelligence. A big question that keeps getting brought up is: is the Exo 'mind' an artificial construct...or is it a natural intelligence which lives within an artificial shell? Is there a difference, at the end of the day? Why are Beard and Blue agreeing with each other so much?
Episode 121 Banner Ep 121 Summary - >> AUTOMATED HELPER ACTIVATED >> UPDATE RECEIVED >> DISPATCH AS FOLLOWS: Greetings, Guardians! Wanted to throw together an summary of the last episode, for those who might not be regular visitors to the Podbean site. As always, if anyone has any questions or concerns, my door is always open. Blue out >> DISPATCH COMPLETE >> … Continue reading Ep 121 Summary
Episode 120 Banner Ep 120 Summary - >> AUTOMATED HELPER ACTIVATED >> UPDATE RECEIVED >> DISPATCH AS FOLLOWS: Greetings, Guardians! Wanted to throw together an summary of the last episode, for those who might not be regular visitors to the Podbean site. As always, if anyone has any questions or concerns, my door is always open. Blue out >> DISPATCH COMPLETE >> … Continue reading Ep 120 Summary
Episode 119 Banner Ep 119 Summary - >> AUTOMATED HELPER ACTIVATED >> UPDATE RECEIVED >> DISPATCH AS FOLLOWS: Greetings, Guardians! Wanted to throw together an summary of the last episode, for those who might not be regular visitors to the Podbean site. As always, if anyone has any questions or concerns, my door is always open. Blue out >> DISPATCH COMPLETE >> … Continue reading Ep 119 Summary
Episode 118 Banner Ep 118 Summary - >> AUTOMATED HELPER ACTIVATED >> UPDATE RECEIVED >> DISPATCH AS FOLLOWS: Greetings, Guardians! Wanted to throw together an summary of the last episode, for those who might not be regular visitors to the Podbean site. As always, if anyone has any questions or concerns, my door is always open. Blue out >> DISPATCH COMPLETE >> … Continue reading Ep 118 Summary
Episode 99 Banner Episode 99 Summary: Final Destiny Memories - This week the team read and listened to summaries from the community on their favorite memories from Destiny. Thank you to all of those who submitted: lonefrontranger Mark from Guardian Radio KDub from Guardian Radio PensHALO Lazesummerstone BearGrizzly Yung Khan Jenga Dishonored Halo CharmedPluto coenjans Nouseva Angel Chargoon Taylor B Jacob__Crab SkyGriever HikoMacinnes Silvar Loki … Continue reading Episode 99 Summary: Final Destiny Memories
Episode 98 Banner Episode 98 Recap: New Monarchy - Not the past, not the future. The present is where we should turn our eyes. The City is divided. We must unite beneath a single will. Our choice is simple: find our strength, or face extinction. What rules us, those of new monarchy, is our service to the greater welfare of the City. So, Speak with the voice of the people, or be prepared to face them. For A true leader speaks with the voice of the people. They will know you fight not for yourself, but for the people's will. "There is strength in unity. And a King of many, will be the King of all." A finger can be broken. A fist cannot.
Episode 97 Banner Episode 97 Recap: Striker - Some say that Strikers are purely an offensively minded guardian. This is not so. They throw their bodies at incoming fire so others won’t have to. It’s not a death wish….. Well for themselves at least. Once a Striker’s fist starts moving you can’t stop it, all you can do is make sure that you are somewhere else by the time it lands. Unlike their stormcaller and bladedancer compatriots the sustaining of the power is not the point. The point is the end, The lightning strike, the deadly burst of arc designed for maximum disruption and destruction. The point is this strikers make sure that they get the job done. It’s what they do. It’s as natural as breathing.
Episode 95 Banner Episode 95 Recap: Update Dead Orbit - There is no room for sentiment in the world that Dead Orbit exists in - a world that is only existing because of an alient miracle. A miracle that, in the eyes of Dead Orbit cannot be expected to occur again. This expectation is what drives the Faction to push for humanity to be scattered across the stars - to become so far-flung that no single threat could possibly hope to destroy it all. This goal, the ultimate goal for human survival, justifies any sacrifice in the eyes of the Arachs of Dead Orbit - though the sacrifices they make are not just for themselves, but for all humanity. The thought of the City's children's eyes when the Darkness comes drives them as much as the ghost of the dead future which Earth offers those who, in their eyes, are foolish enough to stay.
Episode 94 Banner Defender Episode 94 Recap - Defenders embody this philosophy, literally becoming a wall against which the armies of the Darkness break. When people of the City think of Titans, it is the Defender that comes to mind. The Wall that keeps the dreams of the City alive and safe from the encroaching Darkness. On the battlefield, a Defender is a … Continue reading Defender Episode 94 Recap
Episode 92 Banner Episode Recap: Cabal Empire Ep 92 - The Cabal. This is a warrior people, and they lay out their fortifications along ancient principles and time-tested strategies. Although a ghost couldn’t figure out the sense that lies behind it. There lies a vast Empire behind these creatures, many star systems away. Some pledge allegiance to that far Empire, obeying their ancient marching orders. Some do not. They disagree among themselves about the answer but oh, to mutiny. To be like Valus Trau’ug, who took his Broken Legion against the Reef -- and failed, failed utterly. But to them Duty is victory. Mutiny is worse than death. Even if death seems certain. This is what we know as Ghaul approaches us as we unknowingly become complacent.
Extra Lore Episode 16 Banner Extra Lore Halo Update - The Universe of Halo is a widespread one with multiple websites dedicated to archiving the various events that take place in game and out. Dive into the mystery of Dr. Halsey, John, and Cortana in this month in extra lore where Blue, Grn, and Justin are joined by PensHalo. 
Episode 91 Banner Episode Recap City Festivals Ep 91 - There are rumblings of whether or not the game of Destiny is a Post-Apocalyptic advanced civilization version of our own world. One of the supporting examples of this is the various city festivals. Are we experiencing an in game version of Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and even Christmas? Or is there an in game reason that we have a Festival of the Lost, Crimson Days, and the Dawning? Our guide to this is Eva Levante and it is with her we learn a little more about the history of the people under the traveler. It is with her we learn about our City Festivals.
Episode 90 Banner Destiny Universe and Dimensions Episode Recap - A universe. Is it merely a collection of the solar systems which comprise it’s physical makeup? Or is there a chance, a glimmer of possibility that there lies something more…something deeper (and maybe darker) within the boundaries of the concept. The world of destiny is complex. We have been to multiple dimensions and heard about … Continue reading Destiny Universe and Dimensions Episode Recap
Episode 89 Banner Deep Stone Crypt Episode Recap - What is the Deep Stone Crypt? Is it a tower in a dream, a subroutine, a physical place, or even just a memory. The FFC crew takes on this mysterious topic in the game of Destiny in Episode 89: The Deep Stone Crypt