As with the Discord chat, this category is comprised of theories that are unprovable. When reading, it is best advised to keep this in mind:

I believe every theory is true until it’s proven otherwise. And sometimes even then.

– Wen Jie

Memorial to Cayde from Ghost & Guardians (9/1/2018)- A note from Dexter Verse
Total Spinfoil Theory: Exo – Man O’ War (6/27/2018)- Spinfoil theory from Taylor-B- over the possible reconciliation of Exos in regards to their numbering and the concept of resets.
The First & Final Memory- Exo-6 (3/6/2018)- Ghost & Guardians Y1 The First & Final Memory- Exo-6 Location: Outside of the Cosmodrome Year: [Broken Segment] Affiliation: [Broken Segment] Events Prior: [Broken Segment] Status of Condition: Critical Detailed Status: Imminent Termination Left Leg: Knee Cap: Detached Right Leg: Artificial Ligaments Destroyed Missing Designation Plate: Memory of Designation-Lost Torso: Partially Crushed Cranial Section Exposed: … Continue reading The First & Final Memory- Exo-6
The Maverick & the Incident (2/6/2018)- Ghost & Guardians Y1 The Maverick & the Incident Location: European Dead Zone Ghost Search Log on EDZ: 5514 First attempt to search for a Guardian inside a Dead Zone: Expected no results, but have already repeated multiple search areas Human/Awoken Skeleton discovered next to a Fallen one: Suspect they killed each other during the … Continue reading The Maverick & the Incident
The Reynaulthology: Nice Griffon (1/23/2018)- The man behind the counter was this tall, dark-eyed figure with a weather-worn face and so many tattoos it was hard to see his Warlock’s bond. Reynault hardly noticed him, but I did. I did, and the first thing I thought was that my Guardian was about to make a horrible mistake. Reynault pointed at … Continue reading The Reynaulthology: Nice Griffon
The Reluctant Agreement- Adam (1/21/2018)- Ghost & Guardians Y1 The Reluctant Agreement- Adam Location: The City: back allies A Ghost has been in close proximity to a human male, who went by the name Adam, for 4 days. Adam has been trying to avoid her in that time, to no success. This time he attempted to lose her in what … Continue reading The Reluctant Agreement- Adam
The Reynaulthology: Bar Songs (1/21/2018)- It was during the period the Guardians called the Age of Triumph, so full of hope and hubris. In the Cosmodrome–then, all but captured for the City–were a few places where enemies still congregated and tensions still flared between them. This was one of those places. Hive streamed out of the caverns they’d dug under … Continue reading The Reynaulthology: Bar Songs
The Reynaulthology: You Must Name Your Character Before Continuing (1/7/2018)- “Here. We can start with this list.” Three columns of names flickered onto the terminal screen. The scrollbar on the far right side was a barely-visible sliver. “You don’t have to pick from this, of course. If you think of something you like better, you can use it.” His Guardian sat up on his bed … Continue reading The Reynaulthology: You Must Name Your Character Before Continuing
The Reynaulthology: Inexorably Drawn (1/2/2018)- For those first two furtive days, Ghost and Guardian picked through the shell of the city. It was a study in contrasts, vibrant with chipped paint and rampant vines outside, drab and dusty inside. The Fallen were conspicuously absent. At first, it was a blessing; the Guardian hadn’t been able to find any weapon other … Continue reading The Reynaulthology: Inexorably Drawn
The Reynaulthology: Meet You (1/1/2018)- The Ghost quivered midair, barely containing his excitement, as he parsed the results of the last scan. Human, male. Blonde, tall, broad-shouldered, strong jawline. Like a gallant knight, or a paladin from an Old Earth pen-and-paper game. Like a Titan! Oh, the Light hummed in just the right way for it, too! The scan results … Continue reading The Reynaulthology: Meet You