As with the Discord chat, this category is comprised of theories that are unprovable. When reading, it is best advised to keep this in mind:

I believe every theory is true until it’s proven otherwise. And sometimes even then.

– Wen Jie

Total Spinfoil Theory: Exo – Man O’ War (6/27/2018) - Spinfoil theory from Taylor-B- over the possible reconciliation of Exos in regards to their numbering and the concept of resets.
InfestedPotatoe’s Evolution of Light Theory (10/12/2017) - In the terms of the evolution of the light in the Destiny universe I think a safe place to look is no farther than the Supers the Guardians use over all. In Destiny there is no better example of the versatility and volatility of the Light. The Light has proven to be able to do … Continue reading InfestedPotatoe’s Evolution of Light Theory