Show Notes – Ep 145 (A Drifter’s Gambit)

FFC 145 - A Drifter's Gambit episode banner

This week, the team chats about one of the new lore 'booklets' introduced in Destiny 2: Forsaken, A Drifter's Gambit. While there are some minor theories tossed into this week's discussion, be prepared for a more concentrated analysis of the other words - we're getting back into the roots of lore analysis thanks to the amazing work from Bungie in this update!

Show Notes – BTS 07 (Creativity w Zeon Remnants)

This episode of Behind the Scenes allowed Green and Blue to sit down and chat about creating everything from cosplay to machinima with the creator of Team Titans, Zeon Remnants. There's a ton of amazing information that he shared detailing out not just his own creative process and what got him started, but some good tips and tricks for those who might be interested in getting into a creative outlet of their own - as well as an open invitation to the Destiny Machinima Discord server to all that are interested in learning more about this vibrant community of creators!

Ep 141 Summary

Focused Fire Chat Episode 141 - Cabal Hierarchy banner

This week, the team comes together to chat about the hiearchy that we have learned about regarding the Cabal Empire over the past few years within the Destiny universe - be sure to check out the full show notes for the time stamps in the conversation, as we cover a fair amount of ground and discuss a good number of individual figures of importance as well.

Ep 140 Summary

Focused Fire Chat 140 - Barons of the Scorn banner

This week, the team comes together to chat about the information that we have gotten so far about some of the figures from the upcoming DLC, Forsaken - Warning: THERE ARE SPOILERS DISCUSSED WITHIN THIS EPISODE. We break down the different figures and our thoughts so far on the upcoming DLC - with a bit of a debate on the nature of that story and it's potential transformation of the Destiny universe.