Episode 99 Summary: Final Destiny Memories

This week the team read and listened to summaries from the community on their favorite memories from Destiny. Thank you to all of those who submitted: lonefrontranger Mark from Guardian Radio KDub from Guardian Radio PensHALO Lazesummerstone BearGrizzly Yung Khan Jenga Dishonored Halo CharmedPluto coenjans Nouseva Angel Chargoon Taylor B Jacob__Crab SkyGriever HikoMacinnes Silvar Loki … Continue reading Episode 99 Summary: Final Destiny Memories

Episode 98 Recap: New Monarchy

Not the past, not the future. The present is where we should turn our eyes. The City is divided. We must unite beneath a single will. Our choice is simple: find our strength, or face extinction. What rules us, those of new monarchy, is our service to the greater welfare of the City. So, Speak with the voice of the people, or be prepared to face them. For A true leader speaks with the voice of the people. They will know you fight not for yourself, but for the people's will. "There is strength in unity. And a King of many, will be the King of all." A finger can be broken. A fist cannot.

Episode 97 Recap: Striker

Some say that Strikers are purely an offensively minded guardian. This is not so. They throw their bodies at incoming fire so others won’t have to. It’s not a death wish….. Well for themselves at least. Once a Striker’s fist starts moving you can’t stop it, all you can do is make sure that you are somewhere else by the time it lands. Unlike their stormcaller and bladedancer compatriots the sustaining of the power is not the point. The point is the end, The lightning strike, the deadly burst of arc designed for maximum disruption and destruction. The point is this strikers make sure that they get the job done. It’s what they do. It’s as natural as breathing.

Episode 95 Recap: Update Dead Orbit

There is no room for sentiment in the world that Dead Orbit exists in - a world that is only existing because of an alient miracle. A miracle that, in the eyes of Dead Orbit cannot be expected to occur again. This expectation is what drives the Faction to push for humanity to be scattered across the stars - to become so far-flung that no single threat could possibly hope to destroy it all. This goal, the ultimate goal for human survival, justifies any sacrifice in the eyes of the Arachs of Dead Orbit - though the sacrifices they make are not just for themselves, but for all humanity. The thought of the City's children's eyes when the Darkness comes drives them as much as the ghost of the dead future which Earth offers those who, in their eyes, are foolish enough to stay.

Episode Recap: Cabal Empire Ep 92

The Cabal. This is a warrior people, and they lay out their fortifications along ancient principles and time-tested strategies. Although a ghost couldn’t figure out the sense that lies behind it. There lies a vast Empire behind these creatures, many star systems away. Some pledge allegiance to that far Empire, obeying their ancient marching orders. Some do not. They disagree among themselves about the answer but oh, to mutiny. To be like Valus Trau’ug, who took his Broken Legion against the Reef -- and failed, failed utterly. But to them Duty is victory. Mutiny is worse than death. Even if death seems certain. This is what we know as Ghaul approaches us as we unknowingly become complacent.

Episode Recap City Festivals Ep 91

There are rumblings of whether or not the game of Destiny is a Post-Apocalyptic advanced civilization version of our own world. One of the supporting examples of this is the various city festivals. Are we experiencing an in game version of Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and even Christmas? Or is there an in game reason that we have a Festival of the Lost, Crimson Days, and the Dawning? Our guide to this is Eva Levante and it is with her we learn a little more about the history of the people under the traveler. It is with her we learn about our City Festivals.

Destiny Universe and Dimensions Episode Recap

A universe. Is it merely a collection of the solar systems which comprise it's physical makeup? Or is there a chance, a glimmer of possibility that there lies something more...something deeper (and maybe darker) within the boundaries of the concept. The world of destiny is complex. We have been to multiple dimensions and heard about … Continue reading Destiny Universe and Dimensions Episode Recap